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Terms And Conditions

Conditions of Sale

Jollys makes no guarantee as to the condition, suitability or merchantable quality of the items you remove from the Self Serve Yard. It is up to you to determine whether or not the parts you select are suitable for your requirements.

There is no warranty or refund Implied.

You do however have the Option to Exchange parts. You only have this option if you pay the Standard Price on the price list. You can waver this option buy choosing to pay the lower No Return Price. The Option to Exchange allows you to return the part in exchange for another for up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

Option to Exchange Conditions Items must be:
  • Returned with the original receipt as proof of purchase.
  • Exchanged for another only. No refund is available.
  • Returned in the same condition as purchased Jollys staff must be able to identify parts as being purchased from Jollys.

If you do not agree with these conditions do not remove parts.

You Must Use Touch Screen Before Entering the Yard
Model Specific Pricing

When you buy parts from Jollys we aim to provide unbeatable value for money. We realise that different models have different values so we price parts accordingly.

By using the touch screens you can select individual cars then check the price of their parts. You must know what the parts will cost before you remove any.